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The complexity and interdependence of telecommunication technology infrastructure of modern society is growing. The importance of telecommunications and the role of global communication systems in the Information Society 3 Millennium is undeniable.
This is also the reason for the high attractiveness of a great interest in studying at the Institute of Telecommunications Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology in Bratislava. And even though the complexity of the study year to more.

It is up to schools to their graduates well prepared to deal with challenges. This especially educators aware of the institute, in making the "humble circumstances" extremely University sacrificial performances. The results of training engineers to directly confirm.
The field of study Informatics international accreditation organization IEE (Institution of Electrical Engineers), Institute of Telecommunications which actively contributed. International accreditation results confirmed the correctness of the trend of multi collective efforts of the Institute of Telecommunications, which is facing increasing demands for learning and improvement.