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RoadShow on the Institute of Telecommunications 2014

On 17.10.2014 at the Institute of Telecommunications, FEI STU in Bratislava the event "Roadshow - Better productivity without risk in access networks" was held, which was organized by PROFiber Networking Company, Ltd. Trnava. Within many years of mutual cooperation between teachers and employees of the company this event had to handle the most common challenges in access and optical networks. The final meeting of the nationwide event held in Košice, Banská Bystrica and Žilina was held at the Institute of Telecommunications. PROFiber networking
PROFiber networking 2014 A practical presentation of high-tech measuring, regulation and welding equipment, along with professional briefing was performed for several company employees in the field of ICT, individual public persons and students. Participants of the event obtained valuable knowledge on how to reduce the amount of work of technicians, how to solve the problems of optical access networks with only one device and how to speed up repairs of faults. At the same time visitors learned from experienced instructors how to challenge with installing and running access and optical networks, search and troubleshoot access and optical networks, fault-finding and correcting the provided services.
This event can be evaluated as successful because of the interest of many involved people. Organizers of the event, the company PROFiber Networking and Telecommunications Department, will also collaborate in the coming years. At the same time both parties agreed further to concrete on steps to develop a close mutual cooperation between the academic community and business area. PROFiber networking 2014
PROFiber networking 2014 PROFiber networking 2014 PROFiber networking 2014