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Communication and Information Networks - Sylabus

1. Initial concepts, principles, functions, taxonomy, distribution, topology and architecture of communication networks. (allowance 3/2)
2. Layered protocol model, a hierarchy of communication between the layers, RM OSI reference model and TCP/IP. (allowance 3/2)
3. Physical Layer - transmission media, types of transmission, modulation and multiplex technology, Ethernet technology. (allowance 3/2)
4. Link layer - basic functions, line codes, methods of protection against errors, access methods and protocols. (allowance 3/2)
5. Network layer - basic functions, protocols, IP, ARP, RARP, IP addressing in the network. (allowance 3/2)
6. Internetwork communication and interconnection between layers - swithing on layers 1,2,3, fragmentation and routing in IP networks. (allowance 3/2)
7. Transport, relational and presentation layer - TCP, UDP, RTP and RTCP, ports, creating connections and TCP flow control. (allowance 3/2)
8. Application layer - DHCP, DNS, FTP, and Telnet. (allowance 3/2)
9. Web Services, e-mail - architecture and protocols. (allowance 3/2)
10. Security - the basic principles of security threats, firewall, encryption algorithms, IPsec, TLS, SRTP, VPN (allowance 3/2)
11. QoS - basic concepts, QoS parameters, QoS assurance methods, packet queuing methods in routers, network congestion management. (allowance 3/2)
12. Wireless IP Network - topology and technology, FWA, WiFi, Wimax (allowance 3/2)