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Communication and Naviagation Systems

( KNS, 32494_3I )

Course objective: During the study of the subject student will be acquainted with theoretical and practical basics of wireless communication in the environment of fading channels as well as with methods used to suppress the effects of fading channels. Signal degradation in these channels stimulated birth of new, currently used communication technologies, which analytical description forms the base of the subject. The core of the subject is composed of the analysis of spread spectrum systems (direct sequence and frequency hopping), OFDM technique as well as other progressive current technologies, which form the base of the actual mobile communications systems, such as 3G systems -- IMT 2000, LTE, wireless data networks WiFi a WiMax. The abovementioned topics are complemented by the description of the navigation systems: GPS and Galileo as well as of communication systems used in transport telematics.

Concise plan: Analytical description of fundamental properties of fading channels: multipath fading, methods used for their description of fading channels in time and frequency domain. Methods used to suppress the effects induced by fading channels; Pseudo-random sequences used in spread spectrum systems and their properties; Analytical description of direct sequence spread spectrum system, frequency hopping spread spectrum system; OFDM and the other progressive communication technologies; 3G cellular systems: IMT 2000; Progressive cellular systems: LTE; Wireless data networks WiFi and WiMax; Basics of navigation, coordination systems used in navigation, basics of satellite navigation, autonomous navigation; Navigation systems GPS and Galileo; Automotive audio systems and systems for data transfer; Digital data and multimedia systems used in transport telematics: DAB a DMB.

Key words: communication system, navigation system, cellular systems, wireless data networks

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1. Ing.
compulsory elective course