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Communication and Naviagation Systems - Sylabus

1. Analytical description of fundamental properties of fading channels: multipath fading, methods used for their description of fading channels in time and frequency domain. Methods used to suppress the effects induced by fading channels (allowance 3/2)
2. Pseudorandom sequences used in spread spectrum systems and their properties (allowance 3/2)
3. Analytical description of direct sequence spread spectrum system (allowance 3/2)
4. Analytical description of frequency hopping spread spectrum system (allowance 3/2)
5. OFDM and the other progressive communication technologies. (allowance 3/2)
6. 3G cellular systems: IMT 2000 (allowance 3/2)
7. Progressive cellular systems: LTE (allowance 3/2)
8. Wireless data networks WiFi and WiMax (allowance 3/2)
9. Basics of navigation, coordination systems used in navigation, basics of satellite navigation, autonomous navigation (allowance 3/2)
10. Navigation systems GPS and Galileo (allowance 3/2)
11. Automotive audio systems and systems for data transfer (allowance 3/2)
12. Digital data and multimedia systems used in transport telematics: DAB a DMB (allowance 3/2)