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Communication Protocols

( KP, 32433_3B )

Course objective: The goal of the subject is to prepare students for Ipv4 to Ipv6 transition. In February 2011 the addresses of IPv4 run practically out. In connection with the aims to create so called intelligent ubiquitous environment and Internet of things machine to machine communication went into focus. It will be necessary to address huge number of devices in future. Without IPv6 this will not be possible. Therefore it is necessary that the students get knowledge about IPv6 and problems connected to the translation from IPv4 to IPv6.

Concise plan: The subject is composed of following units. IPv6 basics: Datagram and its header, header chaining, routing head, fragmentation; Addressing essentials: Unicast, anycast, muticast, real world addresses; Essential functions and services: Neighbour discovery, DNS, DHCPv6; Transition from IPv4 to IPv6: Dual stack, tunnels, 6to4, 6over4, Toredo, DSTM, translation methods; Routing: realization of routing for IPv6 RIPng protocol, Cisco IOS, IS-IS for IPv6, OSPF, BGP; Network management; Multicast in IPv6; Protocols for security, mobility in IPv6.

Key words: Communications protocol, IPv4, IPv6, Internet

Nominal yearSemesterCreditsTypeExam typeHours of lectureHours of practise
3. Bc.
compulsory course