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Communication Systems (AE) - Sylabus

1. Overview of the evolution of car electronic systems. Digital communication system. Signals used for information transport and their calssification. Bsic parameters of signals: P, S, EB, ES, N, N0, RB, RM, Rk, SNR, EB/N0, ES/N0, BER. (allowance 3/1)
2. Transport of signals via communication channel. Codnitions of distortionless transmission. Transmission in baseband and bandpass. Basic principles of: wired, wireless, optical and acoustic transmission. Line codes. (allowance 3/1)
3. Basics of data transmission. Transmission types. Communication modes. Transmission modes. Data protection during transmission: parity check, CRC. Principles of multiple access (TDMA, FDMA, CDMA). (allowance 3/1)
4. Basics of networking: RM OSI, basic network topologies. Basic network building blocks: node, switch, bridge, router, gateway. Basic description of physical transmission media: TP, UTP, STP, coaxial cable, OF-SI, OF-GI. (allowance 3/1)
5. Processing and transmission of signals in automobiles. Automotive buses (Class A,B,C, Emisiions /Diagnostics, Mobile Media, X-by-Wire). Overview of the existing standards. (allowance 3/1)
6. Description and principles of LIN system. (allowance 3/1)
7. Description and principles of CAN system. (allowance 3/1)
8. Description and principles of MOST system. (allowance 3/1)
9. Description and principles of FlexRay system. (allowance 3/1)
10. Automotive audio systems, RDS, DAB, DMB, DRM, digital receiver, supporting systems (PA, antennas, ...). (allowance 3/1)
11. Navigation systems and transport telematics, transport dopravné informačné systémy, multimediálne systémy. (allowance 3/1)
12. Current concept of IVN. New trends in development of automotive information systems - ITS. (allowance 3/1)