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Digital Communications

( DK, 32411_3B )

Course objective: The course aims to provide thorough knowledge in the fundamental principles of digital communications and theoretical background in digital communications connected with information theory basic principles and constraints.

Concise plan: Motivation - overview of actual applications of Digital Communications in practice; Basic nomenclature data, digital communication, block diagram of a typical communication system, formating, A/D conversion; FEc and ARQ; Error Control Codes, binary linear block codes, nonbinary linear block codes, Reed Solomon codes, codingf and decoding, practical conciderations. Source coding, information from point of wiev of IT, source entropy, discrete source coding and entropy, discrete channell capacity. Compaction and Compressions. Trends in Digital Communications

Key words: Digital Communications, Digital modulations, Optimal receiver, Linear block codes, Nonbinary codes, Reed Solomon Codes, Decoding, Source coding

Nominal yearSemesterCreditsTypeExam typeHours of lectureHours of practise
2. Bc.
compulsory course