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Digital Communications - Sylabus

1. Introduction and motivation (allowance 3/2)
     a. Current applications of DC
     b. Basic nomenclature: data, digital communication, block diagram of a typical communication system,
     c. Formating of information

2. Line codes (allowance 3/2)
     a. nomenclature of LC
     b. Basic properties of LC
     c. Requirements on LC from practicalpoint of view

3. Constrained channels (allowance 3/2)
     a. Basic methods for desription of CC
     b. Construction of Translation Codes

4. Error control (allowance 3/2)
     a. ARQ and FEC basics
     b. Linear block codes

5. Cyclic codes (allowance 3/2)
     a. Cyclic codes construction , coding, decoding
     b. CRC and ARQ

6. Nonbinary error control codes (allowance 6/4)
     a. Reed Solomon Codes construction
     b. Reed Solomon Codes coding
     c. Reed Solomon Codes decoding

7. Source description using IT (allowance 3/2)
     a. source and entropy

8. Compaction (allowance 3/2)
     a. Entropy methods
     b. Universal methods

9. Example of real digital system (allowance 3/2)
     a. Basic structure, services and parameters of the system in connection with QoS
     b. Error control in the system
     c. Line codes and physical medium of the system

10. Trends in Digital Communications (allowance 3/2)
     a. Cloud computing
     b. Internet of Things
     c. Contribution to solution of future social problems