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Digital Image Processing

( ČSO, 35416_3I )

Course objective: Basic methods of digital image processing with orientation to Telekommunications

Concise plan:

  • Human visual system (HVS), properties of HVS, the human eye structure, sensibility, adaptation. 
  • Light, creation of image, color models - aditive, subtractive model, YUV, XYZ, YCbCr at al. 
  • Image - 2D signal, sampling, quantization, digital representation, basic elements of image, operations between images, normalized image formats and video formats 
  • Image enhancement in the image domain and in transform domain, dynamic range modification, LP, HP filtering, 1D and 2D median, morphology, homomorphic filtering of image 
  • Image histogram equalization and specification 
  • Greylevel and color image segmentation 
  • Region oriented segmentation, boundary detection, Hough transform, thresholding, object oriented segmentation in dynamic imagees 
  • Image interpolation, motion estimation - still images, sequences of frames, fast algorithms of motion estimation 
  • Enhancement and reconstruction of 3D image and video, fals colors, pseudocolors 
  • Image reconstruction - degradation estimation, aditive and stochastic noise reduction, 
  • Wiener filter, power and general Wiener filter 
  • Blurring reduction, signal dependent noise reduction, multiplicative noise reduction 

Key words: Human visual system,color models,image&video formats, still image&video,image enhancement,filters, morphology,equalization,segmentation, interpolation,motion estimation,reconstruction-noise reduction,Wiener filter

Nominal yearSemesterCreditsTypeExam typeHours of lectureHours of practise
2. Ing.
compulsory elective course
Supervising instructorInstructor