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Digital Transmission Systems and Networks

( DPSS, 32436_3B )

Course objective: The scope is to obtain of knowledges from various transmission hierarchies utilized in telecommunication transport networks in Slovakia and abroad. The latest technologies and hierarchies NG-SDH and OTH are focusing in converged NGN telecommunication solutions.

Concise plan: Transmission systems with a frequency division of channels, SDH digital transmission systems and their advantages and disadvantages, SDH technology and its hierarchical process, multiplexing principles and building blocks, SDH networks and strategies of the traffic protection, synchronization and timing. New technologies in transport networks - Next-Generation SDH, Carrier Ethernet, synchronous Ethernet. OTH technology and OTN networks.

Key words: SDH digital transmission system, SDH synchronization and timing, strategies of the traffic protection, NG-SDH, Carrier Ethernet, synchronous Ethernet technologies, OTH optical transmission system and OTN networks

Nominal yearSemesterCreditsTypeExam typeHours of lectureHours of practise
3. Bc.
compulsory course