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Mobile and Satellite Communications 3

( MSK3, 35427_3I )

Course objective: To get an overview of most recent knowledge and trends in architecture of mobile networks, their standardization and also selected cutting edge research results in the area, which have a potential to contribute to development of future generation of communications systems and networks. The other aim is to network with colleagues from TU Vienna in Austria and VUT Brno in Czech republic (This module is done in cooperation with these two partner universities. Prof. Markus Rupp and Assoc. Prof. Jan Prokopec are the organizers from their side. )

Concise plan: QoS testing of different 3D HDTV technologies (Dr. Martin Slanina VUT Brno); Modern methods of parallel signal processing (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tomáš Frýza VUT Brno; Quantum communication and quantum algorithms (Dr. Daniel Nagay Slovak Academy of Sciences Bratislava; Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) (Prof. Markus Rupp, TU Vienna); Distributed algorithms for WSN ( Ondrej Slučiak, TU Vienna; Load of Signalization in HSPA/LTE (Vit Stencel, Honeywell, Brno) Challenges for networks caused by smart phones (Petr Lendl T-Mobile, Brno); Antenas for mobile networks (Dr. Michal Pokorný VUT Brno; HetNet (Dr. Matúš Turscány Ericsson Bratislava; Machine-machine communication ( Dr. Philipp Svoboda TU Vienna); Applications and experiments with WSN ( Jozef Kenyeres a Edhem Brakmic, TU Viedeň; Theory and practice of capacity increasing in mobile channels and networks (Prof. Peter Farkaš, FEI STU Bratislava) ; OFDM (Dr. Tomáš Páleník, FEI STU, Bratislava); Diversity - the key to understand 3G , 4G a B4G architectures; Diversity in general (different kinds of diversity); Diversity in time domain: ACM and link adaptation, (Prof. Peter Farkaš, FEI STU Bratislava, further only *); Diversity in time domain Turbocodes a LDPC codes, (*); Diversity in space domain and Diversity in time domain and space domain, (*); Fontain codes for higher layers, (*); Consequence of optimization on network architecture MIMO and STFC, (*);Road from LTE to LTE A, (*)

Key words: 3,5 G, LTE A, 4 G, Diversity, Fontain codes, LDPC, Turbo

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1. Ing.
compulsory elective course