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Security of Communication Networks and Services - Sylabus

1. Introduction (allowance 0/0)
     a. Cryptographic systems, basic concepts, the history of cryptography, conventional cryptography principles
     b. Classification systems and cryptographic ciphers
     c. Security of cryptographic algorithms

2. Basic characteristics of cryptosystems (allowance 0/0)
     a. Principles of symmetric cryptosystems
     b. Principles of asymmetric cryptosystems
     c. The issue of secure key distribution
     d. Random number generators
     e. Block ciphers

3. Security of communication protocols (allowance 0/0)
     a. The possibility of current cryptanalysis
     b. IPSec, SSL
     c. Protocols for radio networks and WEP CCM.XT

4. Protection of communication channels (allowance 0/0)
     a. Communication channels protection methods against the intentional interference
     b. Potection methods against the ingress of forward communication channels
     c. Characteristics of different types of firewalls

5. Hidden channels (allowance 0/0)
     a. Characteristics of hidden channels that the attacker can use (parasitic channel)
     b. Methods of communication to hide from attackers (steganographic channels)
     c. The use of redundant bits for the hidden transport data

6. Security measures to protect assets (allowance 0/0)
     a. Method of managing access to assets
     b. The issue of physical security
     c. Different authentication methods
     d. Physical protection

7. User authentication and authorization data (allowance 0/0)
     a. Encrypt message
     b. Message authentication code MAC
     c. Hash functions
     d. MAC and security of hash functions

8. Computer Security (allowance 0/0)
     a. The issue of security hardware
     b. The Issue of software security
     c. The issue of malware

9. Safety codes (allowance 0/0)
     a. The possibility of safety codes
     b. The principle of block codes
     c. The principle of convolutional codes

10. Security Management (allowance 0/0)
     a. Security of the information system throughout its life cycle
     b. Classification of an information system
     c. Designing the information system security
     d. Issues of safety evaluation of the information system

11. Norms, standards and technical specifications in the information security (allowance 0/0)
     a. Security standards and norms
     b. Business and professional specifications and solutions for companies and organizations
     c. Standards and specifications in the field of network NGN (8 dimensions of security ITU X.800 and X.805)
     d. Standards and technical specifications of the IMS network security