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Selected Algorithms of Digital Image Processing

( VACSO, 35487_3I )

Course objective: To extend basic knowledge of image processing by information on selected algorithms oriented mainly towards image segmentation problems.

Concise plan: Segmentation of digital images: methodology and motivation, mainly based on biomedical applications. Digital geometry, point, local and global transformations of digital images. Noise influence on segmentation, various image noise models. Noise characteristics in CCD and CMOS sensors . Image segmentation via thresholding. Methodology and algorithms of intensity discontinuity detectors, gradient operators. Segmentation based on edge detectors, nonlocal variants, SUSAN-edge detector, Canny edge detector. Image segmentation using morphological operations. Segmentation based on region growing ansd derived algorithms. Selected combined segmentation methods. Fundamentals on nonlinear image filtering via geometry-driven diffusion (GDD). Selected research results in the area of GDD, connection to the segmentation and 3D visualization of tomograms. Quantitative evaluation methods for image filtering and segmentation.

Key words: digital image processing, image segmentation, nonlinear filtering, evaluation of image processing

Nominal yearSemesterCreditsTypeExam typeHours of lectureHours of practise
2. Ing.
compulsory elective course