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Students' scientific and professional activity (ŠVOČ)

ŠVOČ 2014 participants

Dear students,
as has already become a tradition, this year will feature a competition of student works ŠVOČ 2014. The competition will be held on 04.29.2014 (Tuesday). Students of bachelor and master study are welcome to sign in. If you are interested to participate and have additional questions, please contact the Secretary of the Department of Telecommunications ŠVOČ, teachers or directly to your leaders bachelor / diploma work and team projects.
Please pay close attention to the following terms:

  • log on to the ŠVOČ 10.04.2014,
  • article submission is possible up to 17.4.2014.

If you want to participate, please fill out the ŠVOČ 2014 registration form and after a consultation with you supervisor send the registration to address chromy(at)ut.fei.stuba.sk.
When writing an article, follow the instructions in this Article template 2014.
Before writing your article, please pay attention to the following instructions. The document contains comments of the most common mistakes that students make when writing an article. The article shall not be longer than 6 pages.

Information on the status of ŠVOČ can be found here: [doc]
All necessary information can be found on page www.fei.stuba.sk
Secretary of ŠVOČ on the Institute of Telecommunications - Ing. Erik Chromy, PhD.
(chromy(at)ut.fei.stuba.sk, room B-510)

Schedule of ŠVOČ 2014 at the Institute of Telecommunications