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Switching Systems 2

( SS2, 35488_3I )

Course objective: The objective of the subject is to provide students with knowledge from the area of ISDN in communication technology, creation and solution of input-output bandwidths in digital communication systems, signalling systems, knowledge from digital systems in VTS, VoIP, convergence processes, NGN, NGN services, theory of running load.

Concise plan: The subject is oriented on the area of connection systems. It deals with the area of technical realization of ISDN, as well as modern telecommunication services. It deals with VoIP, convergence processes, NGN systems and services. Great deal of attention is paid to bandwidths and signalling systems used in a connection network. Connection systems S12 and EWSD are being analyzed.

Key words: ISDN, EWSD, S12, H.323, SIP, IMS, NGN

Nominal yearSemesterCreditsTypeExam typeHours of lectureHours of practise
1. Ing.
compulsory course