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Telecommunication Lines

( TLKV, 32432_3B )

Course objective: The scope is to apprise of knowledges from various types of telecommuniction transmission lines from a viewpoint of constructing, transmission characteristics and negative influences at the signal transmission. An utilization of fixed transmission media for actual requirements of multimedia telecommunications is preferred.

Concise plan: A theory of homogeneous lines, the characteristic impedance, the working attenuation and the line attenuation, a theory of reflections and multiple reflections, a construction and type of telecommunication symmetric lines, a construction and type of telecommunication asymmetric (coaxial) lines, transmission characteristics of various line types, optical waveguides, types and transmission features. New technologies in access networks - xDSL, PLC.

Key words: homogeneous symmetric lines, coaxial cables, optical waveguides, xDSL, PLC technologies

Nominal yearSemesterCreditsTypeExam typeHours of lectureHours of practise
3. Bc.
compulsory course