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Telecommunication Lines - Sylabus

1. Basic terms. Signals and transmission channels. Importance of telecommunication lines for building of telecommunication networks. (allowance 0/0)

2. Conclusions from the theory of homogeneous lines. The wave equation, line equations in hyperbolic form. (allowance 0/0)

3. Homogeneous lines at high frequencies. Distortionless line, a generation of standing waves and its physical meaning. (allowance 0/0)

4. A utilization of the HF line for L and C realization. (allowance 0/0)

5. Primary and secondary constants of homogeneous lines, their frequency characteristics, conditions of the distortionless transmission. (allowance 0/0)

6. The theory of reflections. (allowance 0/0)
     a. Generation of reflections. Total reflection, multiple reflections, derivation of equations of homogeneous line in hyperbolic form based on the theory of reflections.

7. Line as an impedance transformer. (allowance 0/0)
     a. Smith diagram and its utilization in calculations of telecommunication lines.

8. Classification of telecommunication lines and their utilization in FDM and TDM systems. (allowance 0/0)
     a. Transmission characteristics of various types of telecommunication lines.

9. Construction of telecommunication lines. (allowance 0/0)
     a. Aerial lines, symmetrical cable lines, coaxial cable lines, waveguides.

10. Imperfections of telecommunication lines and their elimination. (allowance 0/0)
     a. Crosstalks on TL. General theory of crosstalk on close and far end.

11. Asymmetries of LF and HF symmetrical cables. (allowance 0/0)
     a. Resistive asymmetry, capacitive asymmetry and unbalance. Balancing of capacitive asymmetries and unbalances.

12. Optical waveguides. (allowance 0/0)
     a. Utilization of optical waveguides in telecommunication. Parameters of optical fibers from the transmission properties point of view.
     b. Types of optical waveguides, construction, materials, problems with building up an optical cable network routes.