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Wavelets and Filter Banks

( WaBF, 35409_3I )

Course objective: The aim it to understand the relations and gain the skill in the area of time-frequency analysis of the continuos and discrete signals. Gain the skill for usage of wavelets, filter banks, multirate systems in area signal processing, compression. The main focus is on audio and image signals.

Concise plan: Signal representation in tima and frequency, spectrograms. Continuous wavelet transform, scalograms. Multiresolution analysis and discrete wavelet transform. Overview of wavelet transform types, characteristics, properties. Filter banks, 2-band filter banks, perfect reconstruction, properties. Wavelet transform extensions, wavelets on interval, wavelet packet transform. Wavelet applications - compression, denoising.

Key words: wavelets, transform, filter bank, lifting, signal analysis, image compression

Nominal yearSemesterCreditsTypeExam typeHours of lectureHours of practise
2. Ing.
compulsory elective course