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Wavelets and Filter Banks - Sylabus

1. Basic definitions, general characeristics, hilbert spaces - basuc operation, bases, signal representation (allowance 3/2)
2. Time-frequency signal analysis. Continuous wavelet transform, spectrograms, scalograms (allowance 3/2)
3. Discretization of continuous wavelet transform, wavelet frames and series (allowance 3/2)
4. Multiresoulution analysis and discrete wavelet transform (allowance 3/2)
5. Overview of wavelet transform types, basic properties, operations (allowance 3/2)
6. Wavelet construcion methods (allowance 3/2)
7. Multirate systemns, basic properties and operations (allowance 3/2)
8. Filter banks, two band filter banks, perfect reconstruction, properties (allowance 3/2)
9. FIlter banks and wavelet transform, properties. FIlter bank solutions and their properties (allowance 3/2)
10. Wavelet transform and signal boundaries, solutions, properties (allowance 3/2)
11. Wavelet transform extensions, multiple dimensions, stationary wavelet transform, wavelet packet transform, lifting scheme (allowance 3/2)
12. Wavelet applications, audio - image, noise removal, compression, analysis. Recapitulation. (allowance 3/2)