Spolupráca 1998

Conferences and Seminars Organized by the Department

  • COFAX - Telecommunications '98 - June 1998 (with Fund of J.Murgaš for Telecommunications, House of Technology USSTS, D&D Studio)
  • ELOSYS (with FEI STU)
  • Slovak - Czech competition of Fund of Jozef Murgaš for Telecommunications in scientific and technical creativity of students - May 1998 (with FEI STU, Fond of J.Murgaš for Tlcm., Lucent Technologies s.r.o., Alcatel Bussines s.r.o. SES and SIEMENS s.r.o.)
  • 4th Workshop of TEMPUS TELECOMNET Project (with Slovak TU Ko?ice, TU ?ilina, UPC Barcelona, Politecnico di Torino and Fund of J.Murga? for Tlcm.)

Special Lectures

  • 4th Intensive Course - Broadband Networks and Services, January 1998 (for FEI STU, TU Žilina, Slovak Telecom and TU Košice)
  • New Telecommunication and Inform. Technologies and Services, May 1998 (with ALCATEL for FEI STU, TU Žilina and TU Košice)
  • Innovations in Telecommunications, state - wide course for secondary school teachers, first three degrees of five-degree education, September-December 1998 (for 22 teachers)
  • Digital Transmission Systems, organized by company DANERO for emloyees from the area of information technologies, 1 day, March 1998
  • Higher-Order Digital Hierarchies, organized by company DANERO for employees from the area of information technologies, 1 day, May 1998
  • ISDN Services in Private Telecommunication Networks, 20 persons, January 1998
  • Migration of PABX Systems into the Areaof ISDN at the Level of Interconnection to Public Telecommunication Network, 24 persons, March 1998
  • Programming of Switching Systems for ISDN Services, 20 persons, May 1998
  • ISDN Services in ATU S12 and EWSD, 17 persons, June 1998
  • In Training Centre of Slovak Telecom for Slovak Telecom: - The Basics of Digital Technology, 2 weeks, September - December 1998 - Higher-Order Digital Hierarchies, 1 week, February 1998 - Basics of Digital Technology, March 1998 - Optical Communication Systems, 3 days, April 1998 - Higher-Order Digital Hierarchies, 3 x 1 week, May - October 1998 - xDSL Technologies, 1 day, March 1998

Expertises, tenders and national commission members

  • I.Baroňák: The telecommunications network for SZP,a.s. Expertise assessment, Bratislava 1998, 15 p.
  • J.Polec: The information system of Slovak highway management, Expertise assessment, Bratislava 1998, 2 p.
  • I.Baroňák: The private telecommunications network for Hospital in Trebišov, Tender Trebišov 1998.
  • I.Baroňák: The information system for Elektrovod, a.s. Bratislava, Tender, Bratislava 1998
  • J.Polec: The switching system for TU Zvolen, Tender, Zvolen 1998
  • J.Polec: The switching system for National rehabilitation institute, Kováčová 1998
  • I.Baroňák: ETS norms. Member of national commission TNK No.42 for telecommunications, transformation of ETS norms in national environment.