Výskumné projekty 1999

Výskumné projekty

  • Telecommunications Networks and Services, G 95/5195/296, I.Baroňák
    - Digital Signal Processing
    - Coding
    - Telecommunications Technologies
  • Project of ATM point on Department of Telecommunications, Research project for Slovak Telecom (1998-), I.Baroňák
  • Telecommunication Management Network, No. 123/240/98, Research Project of Slovak Telecom (1996-), I.Baroňák
  • Private Telecommunications Networks and Services, Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications, No. VÚS 1k/314/1999, (47/95), I.Baroňák
  • Error Control Codes for Mobille Communications and Networks of Next Generations, Research Project of Australian Research Council (with Australian Telecommunications Research Institute), P.Farkaš
  • Enhancement of Existing Facilities for Purpose of Communications Teaching and Research, Research Project of The Britih Council Project (with Lancaster University, UK), P.Farkaš
  • Research Network West-East, Granted by French Government, P.Podhradský
  • Digital Image Speech Signal Processing and Transmission in Telecommunication Channels, Grant 1-3164/96 (1996-1999), P.Podhradský
  • COST 257 - Methods for Performance, Evaluation and Design of Broadband Multiservice Networks - Impact of New Services on the Architecture and Performance of Broadband Services, P.Podhradský
  • TEMPUS TELEEDUCA (1998-2001), P.Podhradský
  • LEONARDO-TRICTSME (1999-2001), P.Podhradský